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Pepe’s Huawei: It’s all connected

Pepe Escobar’s geoeconomic political points connect. Whether called China’s Eurasia strategy, or the New Silk Road, or the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), it’s a new global great game with a new multipolar supply chain. The U.S. move this week to ban Huawei raises the game’s stakes and escalates tensions internationally


CyberWeapons, CyberWarfare

  CyberBattlegrounds Destabilization & Disruption, Implants & Subterfuge … Global connectivity and a worldwide open & dark Internet have activated a new operational field of battle, intrusion and influence. The security horizon is one of CyberProliferation. CyberAttacks must be acknowledged and confronted as security risks — and restricted. “Let’s negotiate this internationally.”


AI Weapons, Today & Tomorrow

“Lethal Autonomous Robotics” (LARS), artificial intelligence programmed to destroy on command — and Network-on-Network warfare. Autonomous weapon systems are being designed and prototyped to fight future wars — and programmed to go beyond where humans can go. These weapon-autonoms-AI systems are coming