Category: Costs of War

Perspective by Arkin

An open letter from William Arkin. Captive to the National Security State? William Arkin quits NBC accusing it of having lost perspective. Arkin is the co-author of the famed (and prescient) Washington Post series “Top Secret America”, an investigative research project of over two years that describes the National Security State buildup


Costs of War, Reality

Far from the US public mind, the reality of global war continues, far beyond “counter-terror” operations in 76 countries, every minute, hour, day, year… costs counted and unaccounted, blood/treasure, opportunities lost, security lost, health care lost, education lost, lives crushed, today and tomorrow a reality of perpetual war… Where is the ‘winning’?


Post Traumatic Stress (PTS)

Profound story of one general on mission to change the medical profession and treatment of the human costs of war… Experts told him it would be years, if ever, before more advanced tests could be developed for PTSD… Chiarelli assumed command of One Mind for Research, a nonprofit focused on advancing treatment of brain injury […]