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Nuclear Ratcheting II

March 1st : Russian president Putin addresses the nation. Accompanied by large screen animated demonstrations, he talks of a new generation of nuclear weapons. In the US, strategic experts question the weapons. Others begin debating the rising danger of a nuclear arms race. The US president reacts, angrily tweeting before dawn  

Doomsday Machine

Updated: January 1, 2018 The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. A look back at Dan Ellsberg… 1969 / 70 / 71 in Los Angeles… memories of Rand and the McNamara “history project”… Vietnam’s reality he shared with your editor as he prepared to reveal it to a nation at war. Now, again, […]

Nuclear Debate on First Use

In the US Congress survival is being debated. Nuclear weapon use, first use, is up for debate for the first time in over 40 years. A point of view brought forward by StratDem before the presidential election and more actively since July 2016 is now world news. Now is the time to change first-use policy […]

Prevent Nuclear First Use

As war drums beat, talk of war grows closer. Yesterday, we exchanged pre-publication messages with professor Tom Nichols over the issue of “preventive” versus “preemptive” war. We went further by asking how many Americans, who support a US attack on North Korea, even know the difference between preventive and preemptive war. A Trump-ordered first strike […]

Stewards of the Apocalypse

Regional Nuclear Conflict will deliver, science says, Global Nuclear Catastrophe   Back to the Brink, Nuclear Catastrophe   Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: Two Minutes   Dems Re-Intro Bill to Prevent Nuclear First Use   Do Nukes Matter: To Nuke or Not to Nuke?   Renewed Nuclear Arms Race   Singular Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons […]

Reviews: Targeted Books

  Via StratDem’s editor / January 2018   Dan Ellsberg’s new book speaks to command and control of nuclear weapons   Perhaps the most frightening element of the Ellsberg warning for today’s generation comes from his knowledge of nuclear war planning. The “Dead Hand” is real. Attempts to cut off “command and […]