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William Perry: What Are the Odds?

Miscalculation, mistake, a cyber attack or provocation that spirals out of control… the reality of cold war-legacy systems with hair-trigger response imperatives… escalating political conflict and threats… the development and deployment of a next generation of tactical / strategic nuclear weapons, bombers, missiles, submarines… The 21st century scenario is delivering ominous nuclear odds

Nuclear Brink / End of Times

Last week we wrote of President Obama and his National Security counsel as they prepared to leave office and leave behind the power of the White House to shape security policy. This week we continue on the theme of the president’s legacy and strategic nuclear risks by again considering My Journey at the Nuclear Brink […]

A New Nuclear Arsenal and Reflections on a President’s Last Days in Office

A decade ago your editor organized a policy conference in Washington DC with a group of national security experts that ranged from a former NSC senior staffer (and Kissinger aide who resigned in protest of the Cambodia invasion) Roger Morris to current National Security Advisor Susan Rice. The 2006 conference was inauspiciously called “Surviving Victory”

The Ayes Don’t Have It

The US National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2018 encounters the blind-eye in Congress as Rep. Perry [R-PA] attempts to block a study of climate change impacts on national security. StratDem again takes this moment to stress that definitions of national security must change to meet the urgency of a changing horizon of threats  

Long-game Diplomacy — or War

As the US president ramps up his rhetoric in Europe, pointing at enemies ranging from a “fake news” press to North Korea, from “urban carnage” to Iran, from Democrats and those who question his “modern day presidential” tweeting to whatever and whomever he chooses to target in the daily news cycle, a clock ticks

End First-Use of Nukes

Continuing on our push for a change in US nuclear weapon first-use policy, we fair-use post an editorial arguing again with growing support that now is time for the President to use his executive powers as the clock ticks toward his last days in office. “President Obama has an opportunity to further delegitimize nuclear weapons […]

Stewards of the Apocalypse

Regional Nuclear Conflict will deliver, science says, Global Nuclear Catastrophe   Back to the Brink, Nuclear Catastrophe   Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: Two Minutes   Dems Re-Intro Bill to Prevent Nuclear First Use   Do Nukes Matter: To Nuke or Not to Nuke?   Renewed Nuclear Arms Race   Singular Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons […]

Reviews: Targeted Books

  Via StratDem’s editor / January 2018   Dan Ellsberg’s new book speaks to command and control of nuclear weapons   Perhaps the most frightening element of the Ellsberg warning for today’s generation comes from his knowledge of nuclear war planning. The “Dead Hand” is real. Attempts to cut off “command and […]

Deep Cost, Costs of War

Deep Costs, Lessened Security… Time for a New Vision   War costs are vastly undercalculated Definitions of national security are outdated Nuclear risks of a Cold War 2.0 are escalating Overextended, the nation ignores larger existential security threats   Costs of a Gathering Storm   The US faces a turning point. The nation must pivot […]