Month: May 2019

Pepe’s Huawei: It’s all connected

Pepe Escobar’s geoeconomic political points connect. Whether called China’s Eurasia strategy, or the New Silk Road, or the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), it’s a new global great game with a new multipolar supply chain. The U.S. move this week to ban Huawei raises the game’s stakes and escalates tensions internationally

Count the Wars-in-the-Making

If decades of disastrous wars in the Mid/Near East aren’t enough for you… if U.S. forces based across the globe aren’t enough… if a Triad of 24/7/365 hair-trigger alert nuclear weapons aren’t enough, if the collapse of weapons control agreements and treaties aren’t enough then how about a Big Show on the 4th of July? […]

It’s Here, It’s Now

Under the heading of “New Definitions of National Security”, the former adviser to Strategic Demands’ associate, GreenPolicy360, continues to update news and science from the front lines of the climate crisis. Bill McKibben’s new book, “Falter”, sounds sirens of alarm