Month: October 2017

Prevent Nuclear First Use

As war drums beat, talk of war grows closer. Yesterday, we exchanged pre-publication messages with professor Tom Nichols over the issue of “preventive” versus “preemptive” war. We went further by asking how many Americans, who support a US attack on North Korea, even know the difference between preventive and preemptive war. A Trump-ordered first strike […]

Corker’s Next Step?

Today we wake to the US President touting his own IQ, having been called a “moron” by the US Secretary of State, and complaining via Tweets that US Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) gave a recorded interview to the NY Times, as the Senator and his staff previously acknowledged, questioning the President’s mental fitness

Incoming: How Much Longer

Will the US Dollar continue to be the world’s Exchange Currency? Let’s look closer at the question of Reserve Currency. Rivals to the U.S. have emerged. U.S. political turmoil promises less safe-haven and ongoing crises, conflict and war, threatened trade, environmental degradation and deeply damaged international relations. How much longer will the Dollar reign?