Month: June 2017

Tomorrow … May We See Your Digital ID?

Strategic Demands looks at the issue of data, how data boomed as a government industry in the U.S. after 9/11, how the private sector provided unprecedented data intelligence to the government, exponentially expanding an already vast, deep security state. The future promises more big government/big data, Orwellian 2.0, trending digital ID’s for all

Status of the Nuclear Ban Negotiations

For many years the editor of Strategic Demands has continued an association with the Los Alamos Study Group. Their team of scientists and public/civil representatives continues to address critical issues involving US nuclear weapons development. Currently at the UN, the LASG reports on the historic “Convention to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons”

The Trump Doctrine

As a military band plays Gershwin in the Rose Garden at the White House, the US president walks off stage after announcing he has decided to abandon the international climate agreement. A legacy is established, a message sent to the world, the US under the current president explicitly does not believe in a “global community”

June 1, 2017

The Consequences Start Now / June 1   From Strategic Demands’ associate, GreenPolicy360, a scan of international reactions to the U.S. president’s decision to reject the global climate agreement as he speaks of climate change as “a hoax” and moves to cut off pro-active measures to build a global effort confronting global threats