Month: July 2016

More Than An Email Dust-Up

This past week the Democratic Party reeled from the release of an email “dump” from WikiLeaks. The thousands of emails were embarrasing at the minimum and at the maximum may have involved a foreign government ‘intrusion’. This week as the Democratic convention opens, the head of the Hillary Clinton campaign alleges ‘the Russians are involved‘ […]

Turkey, Incirlik, US and Russia

  Whether the US remains in Incirlik or not is actually a moot point, since the profound symbolism around what’s unfolding is much more substantial than the Pentagon’s physical presence there. Never before in history has the US been cut off from its own nuclear weapons, which is essentially what’s happened with the no-fly zone […]

Re: the President’s Last Days as Commander-in-Chief

A Nuclear Arsenal and Reflections on a President’s Last Days in Office Obama plans major nuclear policy changes in his final months … Obama administration determined to advance the nuclear reduction agenda. StratDem update: A month ago we wrote that the president’s final days in office should include executive orders addressing nuclear proliferation issues… Now, […]

Lost: The UK Looks at a Disaster

Over a decade ago now, two Atlantic nations joined up and went to war… It didn’t end well. In fact it still hasn’t ended. The ‘war of choice’ goes on, the fallout spreads. Experts said the war was necessary (it wasn’t), it would be over fast (it wasn’t), it would pay for itself (it didn’t) […]