Month: May 2016

@ Hiroshima

HIROSHIMA, Japan — The survivors of the world’s first atomic bomb attack are used to hearing grand vows to rid the world of nuclear weapons. They just don’t usually come directly from the leader of the country that dropped the bomb

November and Beyond

Yes, it isn’t a line-up that one would expect, but with the Democrat’s top candidate seen as leaning toward neo-conservative interventionism, and the Republican’s ‘presumptive nominee’ on record opposing wars in the Mid East, what is one to presuppose is next with US national security policy

AI Weapons, Today & Tomorrow

“Lethal Autonomous Robotics” (LARS), artificial intelligence programmed to destroy on command — and Network-on-Network warfare. Autonomous weapon systems are being designed and prototyped to fight future wars — and programmed to go beyond where humans can go. These weapon-autonoms-AI systems are coming