Month: September 2014

Another War – Syria

“It will take time… there are challenges ahead”…   Army Lt. Gen. William C. Mayville Jr., director of operations for the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, says the objectives set for the US-led war in Iraq and now Syria could take years to complete — the pieces on the board are moving in multiple, unpredictable dimensions.

On the Horizon

The Topics here have been suggested for future StratDem studies, articles, reviews and/or commentary. Let us know your thoughts, which of the following ring a bell, which of these hit your s/plexus, which would you suggest we pursue.

Debate It

The President’s speech — and new U.S. war policy — goes into the history books September 10, 2014. Should this new war be formally debated? Does the Constitution require a Congressional debate, action and distinct resolution? Isn’t it time to revise the 2001 “Authorization for Use of Military Force”, as the National Security Network urges?